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My reason for participating in The Word: By Heart this year is to firstly, increase my understanding of God's Word itself. Throughout the course of this challenge, I have realised that there is something powerful that happens when you memorise passages of scripture...it is amazing how God brings it back to your memory in situations and contexts other than just bible reading. It's almost as though when reciting my passage (which is Mark 7:24-37 btw) in my mind throughout the day, even more links are created with His Word and my environment - which adds to me understanding the relationship between the word and my world even moreso, and understanding God's will for me in certain situations.

Throughout participating in The Word, I have been inspired also to memorise other passages - such as the parable of the seed and the kingdom of God (Mark 4:26-32) and other passages/verses that stand out for me and my Christian walk at the moment. So thank you Mustard for planting that seed in me - it is through this challenge that I have also realised that both memorising and believing  God's Word is huggge  firepower against the enemy. I can assure you that my memorising of scripture won't stop at the end of June...because this challenge means so much more than that.

My second reason for participating in The Word this year is to raise funds for Mustard itself. Mustard is an independent schools ministry in Melbourne, and it hosts lunchtime groups that exist to support and encourage Christian students to live out their faith at school. Being a lunchtime group leader myself, I have first hand seen the impact that such a ministry has on both my life and the lives of those around me. They foster community, fully support us, and encourage an uprising generation to be all that they can be in Christ. This...is powerful stuff. Just like I have read in the parable of the seed and the kingdom of God (as mentioned above), Mustard really is planting seeds that will grow to become 'the largest of all garden plants, with such big branches that the birds can perch in its shade.'

It would be amazing if you could consider financially supporting such a ministry.

And so, I want to thank you for your time in reading this appeal, and also for supporting such a ministry, and the young people that it influences through your thoughts and prayers. In the case that you are able to financially support me in reaching my goal of $300 to go towards Mustard, thank you also. Your contributions - in whatever size they come, would be greatly appreciated. 

Warmest blessings,
Hannah x

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The Word: By Heart is a month-long, bible focused fundraising challenge over the month of June.

To complete The Word, participants will learn a passage from Mark’s gospel by heart in a month. We've set three levels of challenge to ensure that everyone is able to participate. 

Participants will be getting get friends and family to sponsor them as they learn the passage. The money raised will help  Mustard support Lunchtime Groups all over Melbourne.

Mustard is an independent schools ministry in Melbourne. Our Lunchtime Groups exist to support & encourage Christian students to live out their faith at school.

We support 30 groups that  meet on a weekly basis at lunchtime in schools across Melbourne. These groups are where Christian students gather at school in order to explore God, His word and are encouraged to live their faith out at school.

By sponsoring someone as they participate in  The Word, you'll help to ensure that this vital presence is maintained and grown. Thanks for your support! 

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